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Articles on Premier Sport Psychology
Premier Sport Psychology is an organization composed of sports psychologists who provide counseling services and mindset training to athletes, performers, and even business professionals. The aim of the organization is to help their clients achieve optimal health and mental performance so they could succeed in their sort and other life undertakings. This section of the Premier Sport Psychology website contains links to sport psychology articles with topics like the psychological influence of long-distance pacers to marathon runners, positive self-talk, the importance of psychological profiling in the drafting of NFL players, improving mental toughness, athletic identity, and more.

Monitoring Heart Rate Training Zones
Heart rate training zones are calculated by taking into consideration Your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) and your Resting Heart Rate (RHR). Within each training zone subtle physiological effects take place to enhance your fitness. This website includes information about the various training zones, so you can see which one you fall into while you're training and monitor your progress. You can even calculate your heart rate and see which zone you fall into with a calculator that lets your plug your individual numbers in.

Fueling for Tomorrow: The 3 Rs to Recovery
This article on blog discusses the chemical reactions in ones body that interact and tells what to do to stay at optimal performance. Bonking, as commonly referred to by runners, swimmers and bicyclists, is when you start to lose the ability to concentrate and ultimately feel disoriented and overly fatigued. It occurs when energy intake does not meet the expenditure and glycogen storage plummets to an extremely low level. To combat bonking, try to take in 1-2 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight per hour. This can be accomplished by drinking 4-8 ounces of a 6-9 percent carbohydrate solution every 15 minutes and eating energy bars or gels. Sodium is another important factor that triathletes should be keen on. The balance between water and salt in the body is altered when salt is lost through perspiration. Salt levels in the body are diluted when we hydrate to compensate for the loss of water, which happens while exercising, but not for loss of electrolytes, by drinking plain water or a carbohydrate/ electrolyte energy drink without a high enough concentration of sodium.

5 Cardio Exercises to Burn Fat Quickly on Men's Fitness Magazine
Linda Melone, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), shares some tips in an article at Men's Fitness Magazine. Here, you can learn five simple cardio exercises that men can do burn their fat. These drills are usually being done by professional athletes, but anyone can also do them. They are: death valleys (also known as suicides), karaoke steps (also known as grapevine), agility ladder, jump and reach, and rapid alternative step-up. Each of these exercises is explained on how you can do it and its benefits besides burning your fat.

5 Ways Yoga Can Boost Athletic Performance
If you are an athlete, you probably think that the kind of training you have is enough. As an athlete, however, you are putting your body through activities that require repetitive movement; in the long run, these movements can lead to injury. To avoid muscle imbalances and improve your body, you can turn to yoga. This article lists the benefits athletes can get from doing yoga. One of the advantages of doing yoga is increased flexibility. Flexible muscles and joints move more efficiently and recover more quickly, so you can avoid torn muscles and increase your range of motion.

Golf Psychology Archives on Stay in the Zone
Mental focus, calmness, and confidence are important in any game, but most especially in golf. If you want to be a great golf player, you have to be in the zone a mental state where you are calm, confident and focused, when you are living in the moment without self-doubt, and when your actions flow effortlessly. This page lists down articles you can read in order to place yourself in the zone, and to stay in the zone. Article topics include mastering the mental and physical parts of the swing, calming the nerves on every tee shot, and using self-hypnosis to chip better.

Martial Arts Workout Routines on Black Belt magazine
If you are into martial arts, doing a series of workout routines is very important. If you are running out of ideas, Black Belt magazine has a lot of them that you can try. This includes articles with videos of neck-strengthening exercises that can help prevent injuries, different kettlebell exercises, how to use cardio kickboxing as self-defense tactics, and many more. There are also several physical exercises for MMA training, as discussed by MMA trainer and fitness expert Kevin Kearns. In addition, you can watch some excerpts from the three volumes of the DVD Ultimate Conditioning video by international multi-sport champion and sambo coach Scott Sonnon.


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