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Anxiety in Golf
Golf anxiety is a thing. It is not just some mumbo-jumbo thought up by sports psychologists just so they could have something to talk about in their consultation sessions with their golfer clients. In this article, sport and exercise psychology student Michael Cheesbrough makes a review of various studies made on anxiety caused by the game. One of the points of the article is that anxiety, or the worry that one will not reach the goals he has set for himself, during a game can become too much. I the performer does not have a coping strategy for this anxiety, his performance will be greatly affected.

Sports Drinks: Help, Harm, or Hype?
This article on Runner's World by Leslie Bonci discusses sports drinks. Most products marketed as energy drinks contain high concentrations of carbohydrate and some caffeine in addition to water. Some energy drinks contain herbs, amino acids, protein, and other substances, usually in such small amounts that they are unlikely to have any noticeable effect on performance. The content of some of these energy drink products may result in inefficient absorption of fluid and nutrients from the intestine, with the possibility of gastrointestinal distress and problems. Energy drinks are quite costly sometimes and, because of their composition, are not suitable for use by athletes. Athletes should be educated about these products and guided towards other foods and fluids that will not pose potential risks. Alternatively, there are effective sports drinks formulated, e.g., formulated to provided approxmiately 14 g of carbohydrate in the form of glucose, fructose or maltodextrins in every 8 oz of beverage; additionally, electrolytes heop drive the desire to drink and reduce or prevent cramping during exercise.

Sports Psychology Coach Articles
If you are an athlete, you will find a lot of information on this collection of sports psychology articles written by Dr. Patrick Cohn who is a master mental game coach. Dr. Cohn founded Peak Performance Sports, and is one of the leading mental toughness coaches in the U.S. Dr. Cohnís articles feature topics such as avoiding distractions caused by things you cannot control, overcoming anxiety on the golf course, maintaining confidence after a not particularly good performance, maintaining an emotional balance in laying your sport, improving mental toughness in tennis, and developing positive practice habits.

How To Improve Cardiovascular Endurance for Sports
Endurance training helps athletes to develop their energy production systems so they can meet the requirement strength of the physical activity. In this article at by sports medicine expert Elizabeth Quinn, you will understand three most commonly mentioned energy systems in terms of metabolism and endurance for athletes. They are ATP-CP (Anaerobic) energy pathway, anaerobic metabolism, and aerobic metabolism. The endurance training exercises that are explained here are long slow distance training, pace/tempo training, interval training, circuit training, and the so-called fartlek training. Also included here are some ways on how you can measure you cardiovascular endurance. Offers Chiropractic Treatment Center
You've only got one spine—if you've been thinking about visiting a chiropractor, this web site includes a full range of educational and informational resources on the practice in its "Chiropractic Index." The web page offers up featured articles—including the use of chiropractic on sciatica and cervical disorders. Readers can also get linked to information on how to choose the appropriate chiropractic care, what and how diagnostic procedures are used by chiropractors, specific conditions that benefit from this kind of therapy and even patient case studies.

History of Triathlon
Triathlon's roots can be traced back to 1974 in Mission Bay, Southern California where a group of friends began training together. There were runners, swimmers and cyclists and before long training sessions turned into informal races. Directed and conceived by Jack Johnstone and Don Shanahan the first Mission Bay Triathlon was held on September 25th 1974 and welcomed 46 athletes. In Hawaii in 1978, an argument arose regarding which of the three disciplines required the greatest endurance. At that time Hawaii hosted The Waikiki Rough Water Swim (2.4 miles), The Oahu Bike Race (112 miles) and The Honolulu Marathon (26.2 miles). Originally events in themselves, they were rolled into one to become the 'Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.' By 1982 the Hawaii Ironman gained extensive coverage on ABC World Wide Sport and participation levels had increased to 580 competitors. More history is included in this article.

Get Stronger and Leaner with Cross Training
This article on explains the benefits of cross training for deriving better results and fewer injuries. At one time professional athletic trainers believed that you should almost exlusively work on the muscles directly related to a specific sport or activity. The conventional wisdom today is that cross training is a much better approach, and that working on just one fitness activity may make you less fit. Exercising just one set of muscles also increases your risk of repetitive injury because you put so much stress on the muscles and bones invovled in one activity. So all sports professional, from golfers and swimmers, to ball players and tennis players, make cross training part of their routine. Cross training is also important for weekend warriors, says the article.


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