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Forbes Magazine's Top 10 Healthiest Sports
Forbes Magazine released its list of the top ten healthiest sports. According to the famous magazine, the healthiest sport is squash and rowing is second. Rock climbing landed on the third spot, swimming is fourth, while cross-country skiing is fifth. The sixth placer is basketball, followed by cycling, running, and modern pentathlon. Despite being a popular tough sport, boxing is only on the tenth place. Forbes said that the results were based on interviews to personal trainers, exercise physiologists, fitness experts, and competitors. However, the magazine emphasized that the calorie burn, physiological benefits and injury risks will depend on how the athlete play the sport.

The Sport Psychologist
This is one of the many journals published by Human Kinetics, whose purpose is to produce educational programs and publications. This journal features publications on applied research such as Athlete Burnout Prevention Strategies Used by U.S. Collegiate Soccer Coaches and The Development of Self-Compassion Among Women Varsity Athletes. It also features studies on professional practice, like Exploring the Understanding and Application of Motivational Interviewing in Applied Sport Psychology and Efficacy of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention to Prevent Athletic Task Performance Deterioration: A Randomized Controlled Trial. It also has a section for book and resource reviews, and The Bulletin Board, a pay-to-access sport psychology news and information provider.

The American Chiropractic Association
Where better to look than the American Chiropractic Association's web site for accurate, up-to-date information on back pain, chiropractic care and related statistics. Om this web page, you’ll find a number of interesting Did You Know? kind of facts about back pain, along with effective, easy-to-use tips on how to prevent most regular forms of it. Unsure of a particular medical term or condition? The page is well-linked to resources that will assist you in understanding chiropractic-related terminology, such as spinal manipulation. The web page also includes helpful links to finding a chiropractor in your area, detailed information on the science of chiropractic care, its history, frequently asked questions, and health and wellness-related links.

Gatorade: The Idea that Launched an Industry
This article on the University of Florida website discusses the history of Gatorade, the origins of which go back to 1965 when assistant University of Florida Gator football coach Dwayne Dougle asked UF kidney disease specialist Robert Cade about why players lost so much weight during pracdtices and games but uninated so little. Cade and his assistants setarting researching the effects of heat on the human body. They speculated thatw the electrolytes (sodium and potassium) the plyers were losing in their sweat were upsetting the body's chemical balance. After much testing of players and research, Cade and his team came upo with a solution to give the players water, but with salt and sugar (but not so much as to upset the stomach)in it as well. To create something that didn't taste bad, they use lemons for flavoring. And this was beginning of Gatorade. Using the liquid, the Gators went on to an 8-2 record in the 1966 season, earning a reputation as a "second-half team," where they outperformed opponents because of their better endurance.

Practical Golf Psychology
In this article, PGA professional Ian Hardie shares the insights he has gleaned from his many years of serving as a golf teacher. He starts with a statement many pro golfers and golf teachers would find faulty: the technique a golfer uses in playing the game seems to be the least important factor that determines the way he performs. He then proceeds to explain how he has come to this realization. Some of the things Hardie regularly talks about in his lessons include confidence in the player’s golfing ability, planning rounds, recognizing unhelpful thoughts and clearing and refocusing these thoughts.

Triathlete Sports Nutrition
Triathlon participants must eat healthy leading up to a race, especially on race day. The nutrition section on Triathlete magazine's website covers what to eat for optimal performance. You can easily revamp your Ironman nutritional program into an ultimate eating and drinking plan to use during your next race. The article says that training preparation is the key to Ironman, but mastery of your race depends upon an understanding of your nutritional requirements. There are three dietary components to a triathlon event. You have to understand the variables that determine food and fluid intake; plan your diet for pre-race and race morning; and eat and drink during the race and after it is done.

Energy Foods Fuel Busy Lives
This WebMD article explores the use of energy drinks and bars in our society. Carbohydrates fuel muscles. For elite athletes, the timing of food intake is critical, the article states. Different amounts and forms of carbohydrates are best before, during, and immediately after high-intensity play. Energy drinks and energy foods offer convenient ways to meet these needs. For the rest of us, energy drinks and foods are just as convenient. The danger is getting too many calories. That's the biggest issue for weekend warriors, says Leslie Bonci, MPH, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, in the article.


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