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Articles by Mental Golf Academy
Mental Golf Academy provides personalized golf coaching and training packages for individuals and groups, with the aim of helping them reach peak performance. This page features articles that help golfers understand the game better and improve themselves through various mental tips. Aside from mental tips, these articles also offer insights on the triple-A strategy of success, how a golferís handicap can limit performance, how to develop a positive mental attitude, effective breathing techniques for golfers, and using a virtual caddie to improve oneís swing. While these articles might not be for beginner golfers, they offer a lot of helpful information.

Resistance Band Training
The Free Resources section on the Resistance Band Training website offers you articles that contain various resistance training exercises. This includes the first step speed training, punch training with bands, resistance training using a 13-inch dynamic stabilizer band, a 2-minute continuous training program, bodyweight dynamic warm-up, and two band training bicep and triceps variations. There is also band training if you have unpredictable travel schedules, which stops you from doing some physical activities. Each exercise comes with a YouTube video tutorial which was performed by band expert Dave Schmitz, who also owns and manages the blog.

How Bicyclists Avoid Bonking
Bonking is a common cycling term for a variety of symptoms caused by low blood sugar. It can cause extreme exhaustion, mental confusions, hallucinations, feeling uneasy and passing out. A cyclist can experience any or all of these symptoms during the course of a bonk. The brain runs entirely on sugar. The blood stream has sugar for the brain, but only enough to last a few minutes while biking. The sugar supplied to brain comes from the liver's production of sugar. When the liver is deprived of the energy required to make or convert sugar for the brain, bonking is the result.

Get a Handle on Your Big Back Pain
Here's a web site that is devoted to back pain—its causes, symptoms and treatment options, including chiropractic care. In BigBackPain.comís main section, youíll find tips on how to prevent back strain—through proper lifting techniques and posture, along with the right mattress to own, and post-injury exercises. Thereís a wealth of information on chiropractors and their treatment options, and other alternative treatments including spinal injection, inversion, decompression, massage and laser therapy. The site includes detailed information on the anatomy of the spine, and once diagnosed, you can visit the site for knowledge about conditions such as sciatica, herniated discs, osteoporosis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and even whiplash.

Water: The Best Sports Drink?
This article from Harvard Health Blog, titled Trade Sports Drinks for Water, discusses water as being the most critical for growth, muscle development and overall health. Since muscles are nearly 70 percent water, even a small loss of fluid will affect their function. Nerves control muscles. The electrical stimulation of nerves and contraction of muscles occurs due to the exchange of electrolytes dissolved in water across the nerve and muscle cell membranes. If you are low on water or electrolytes, as many triathletes run low in a race, muscle strength and control are weakened. A water deficit of just 2 to 4 percent of your body weight can cut your strength-training workout by as much as 21 percent, and your aerobic power by as much as 48 percent. Water is integral, as is electrolyte replacement for athletes.

Sport Psychology Articles on Excel At Life
Excel at Life is a website that provides psychological information based on research. It aims to aid individuals n understand themselves better and improving their lives. The website has compiled sport psychology articles that athletes and coaches can learn a lot of information from. The article topics range from the most basic like a discussion of what sport psychology is, to the more complicated like psychologically coping with sport-related injuries. Other article topics include the effect of intensity on athletic performance, goal-setting to excel in sports, the effect of perfectionistic demands on the performance of martial arts, and the correlation between self-esteem and exercise

A Meal Plan for Endurance Athletes
The Athletic Performance Diet hasn't changed much, because there are not many other avenues to fueling the body most efficiently. A diet consisting of 60-65% carbohydrate, 20-25% fats, and 15-20% protein is the proper ratio of macro nutrients for most athletes and has been for years. A well-trained endurance athlete would not last very long on a high protein diet, because their glycogen stores would quickly become depleted and they would no longer have the energy or reserves to train effectively. There is little controversy in athletic nutrition when compared to the general population. The "big picture," according to the article, is to try to make sure each meal has carbohydrates, fats, and protein in the right proportions. Make sure your diet is balanced and consistent, which will help with athletic performance.


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