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Food Diet Requirements and Recommendations for Better Sports Performance
If you are into sports, you have a follow a very strict diet in order to perform better. In this article at, you will learn some of the food requirements for athletes. According to the article, an athlete's diet is the same as the one recommended for the general public, wherein more than 55 per cent of it should contain carbohydrates. However, the carbohydrate requirements for athletes depend on their activities, how long and how intense they are. You can also learn the foods to eat before, during and after exercise. There are recommendations for intake of protein, vitamins, and health supplement products.

Sport Psychology Articles and Videos
How does one succeed in sports? This question is answered through sport psychology, the science behind the relationship between mental strength and athletic performance. This collection of sport psychology articles and videos offer information and insights on how to achieve athletic success. Some of the most notable article topics include choking or panicking in sport, tips on improving athletic resilience, different athletic learning styles, and a study on leadership abuse in athletics. Video presentations on the list include topics such as learning mental toughness from the U.S. Navy Seals, the importance of mental skills in sport performance, and resiliency in sport.

Healthy Dieting and Sports Nutrition
This article starts off by talking about fad diets. Carbohydrate-rich foods, high-fat foods, low protein foods, have all been targeted as culprits for the nation's high rates of obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Most of these diets fail to tell you what foods should be included in your diet, and instead emphasize what to avoid. This article has some tips for healthy eating, such as eating more sources of vegetarian protein, fruits and vegetables and more unsaturated fats.

Why All Athletes Should Cross Train
Most athletes are too caught up in their respective fields: runners hardly ever think about anything than covering miles, cyclists hardly get off their bikes, and swimmers do not do anything else than swim. However, too much focus on one field increases the risk of overusing certain groups of muscles and joints, leading to injury. To avoid this, athletes must cross train. In this article, one will find more reasons why all athletes must do cross training. Aside from preventing overuse injury, cross training also helps athletes spring back and recover from injury, keeps athletes from getting bored doing the same training over and over, and raise overall fitness levels.

6 Sets to Build Swimming Endurance
Swimmers can easily build endurance with proper sports training. This article describes a variety of drills and exercises that can be used to build endurance for sport swimming or triathlons. It includes specific exercises and strokes to use to build up your strength during training, such as: stroke drills, f/s speed drills, one arm f/s and more. Included are sample sets to build strength and other good drills for swimmers. The types of conditioning work are alternated or cycled within each weekly training plan so that they can recover from one form of stress while applying themselves to another.

Frustrated Golfer Syndrome: Causes and Cures
Golf is not just a game of mental exercise; it is also an activity that can cause a rollercoaster of emotions in the players. This article by psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Michael Bader, D.M.H. examines what is purportedly called as the frustrated golfer syndrome, and explains the causes and the possible cures for it. Dr. Bader pinpoints players’ overly perfectionistic ideals as the root cause of all the suffering and anguish a game of golf brings: helplessness, anger, depression, and even self-hatred. In order to get over this syndrome, the first thing golfers must do is to befriend their self-critical minds and to allow themselves to feel the entire range of their emotions.

Triathlon Race Day Nutrition
If race day is looming, read on to learn more about what to eat. The morning of the race try to consume a breakfast containing approximately 800 calories about 2 hours before the race. The meal should be primarily low glycemic index carbohydrates with some protein and fat added to prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Energy bars and powdered pre-workout drinks can be substituted for whole foods if you have a nervous stomach, which can be common. An added benefit of pre-workout and recovery drinks such as Preformance and Endurox R4 is that they contain protein, which is needed in addition to carbohydrates to help fuel your muscles during longer events such as a triathlon. Some athletes report energy problems if relying solely on carbohydrates during long races.


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