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Elder Services in Florida: Where to Go for Information
With its large elderly population of senior citizens and retirees, it makes good sense for the Florida State Department of Elder affairs to have a site with useful information. This site has a link to the Florida Injury Prevention Program for Seniors, which focuses on preventing injury from falls, fires and poisonings. It also has information on Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, mental health for elders, diabetes, cancer and heart health. You can also report elder abuse and get information for caregivers. It has a database of useful services throughout the state, such as elder hotlines, memory disorder clinics and senior centers.

Techniques on Aging Well
Did you know there is a specific way to stay healthy? This article explains it, saying that in today’s society, we are constantly told that age and gravity work against us, grinding us inevitably down into decrepitude and immobility. Rather than compressing ourselves by our own weight into the earth like a column, we are actually ingeniously built to process gravity by means of reflexes that in fact suspend us lightly off the planet, the article says. Rather than pulling us down, gravity serves to project us up into life and activity. The article explains the Alexander Technique on aging well and has useful information for seniors.

Healthy Eating for Seniors: A Checklist
Attention senior citizens: Are you eating well? Here is a useful checklist to make sure you are getting the proper nutrition, which results in better health. Do you eat three meals a day at least, at regular times? Are the foods healthy, meeting your daily requirements for vital proteins and vitamins? Do you eat more than five servings of grain products? Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables? Do you get enough milk products and meats and proteins every day? Are you drinking six to eight glasses of fluids everyday? Do you limit salt, alcohol, coffee and tea in your diet? There are some useful questions here to ask yourself, so you can make sure you’re eating well, and if not, can make vital adjustments to your everyday diet.

Better Elder Health
This website features resources that are helpful to learn about senior care challenges for personal aging and caregivers. The site features a guide to help seniors talk to their doctors about various conditions, an exercise guide, information on medication and immunizations, to name a few. Conditions of note include hypothermia, arthritis, constipation, high blood pressure, hyperthermia, urinary incontinence, depression, eye health and more. Various topics for elders are available, all with the goal of improving senior health.

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