Senior/Elder Health Topics Resources (01)

Alzheimer’s Disease: Treatment and Resources
From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke comes their Alzheimer’s disease information page. It includes topics such as: What is Alzheimer’s disease, what are the treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, what is the prognosis for Alzheimer’s disease, and more. A section of related organizations is listed, as are NINDS publications about Alzheimer’s disease. There is even information on Alzheimer’s disease in Spanish here. Studies on Alzheimer’s disease, literature and Alzheimer’s disease news topics are also covered.

Traveling Tips for Seniors on the Go
Everyone wants to enjoy traveling during their golden years. There is much to see and do for elders, but they should make sure they heed a few travel advice tips, which are featured on this website. First, make sure you get enough rest, as traveling can be tiring and stressful and you want to be able to enjoy your trip. Also, be sure to eat lightly and stay away from spicy foods. In addition, be careful about water in countries other than North America, Northern Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, as it may not be safe to drink the tap water. Also, try to get some exercise to reduce swelling that can occur when seated for a long time. Other tips include reviewing health information and keeping a list of important numbers on you, wearing a medical ID bracelet and wearing enough sunscreen.

Do You Need a Chiropractor for Your Back Pain? Find Out at Back Pain Self Help!
Back Pain Self Help is a guide to getting help for back pain issues using a variety of techniques. Whether you are looking for information about the causes of back pain or you want to learn about the different methods used to diagnose back problems, you will find the information you need here. Discover how a chiropractor uses non-surgical techniques to treat back issues. The Alexander Technique is one approach that a chiropractor can discuss. This involves learning how to eliminate back pain by reducing the level of stress and tension in the body. Learning how to go about your daily activities without expending an inordinate amount of energy is key to this treatment technique.

Elder Health: From Fitness to Checkups
This site features some tips for healthy aging, including eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, going for regular checkups, practicing safe habits at home to prevent falls, staying in touch with family and friends, avoiding overexposure to the sun, drinking in moderation, keeping records handy, and keeping a positive attitude towards life. Learn about health issues that face aging adults and baby boomers, such as arthritis, high blood pressure, accidental hypothermia, hearing aids, Alzheimer’s disease and more. This site explores shots to prevent diseases and sexuality as aging adults. Prevention is key, so it also includes a list of regular checkups that seniors should make sure to schedule.


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