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How to Install a Peephole
A peephole in the door is a window on the world that makes us feel safe; after all, it's certainly not advisable to open your door when you don't know who's on the other side. And it's a bit uncomfortable opening a window shade and having the party see you and then not opening the door, if you don't want to engage them. A peephole is a perfect solution, and a very inexpensive one. Here's an article that shows and tells you how to install a peephole. In the planning phase, you may have well go for style and match your handleset because it's not going to cost much to do so. The first step is to measure the thickness of your door so that you buy a peephole that is long enough. Importantly, you want to make sure you get a peephole that really lets you see what's outside your door, because they come in different ranges of view. An interesting tip is that you can go against the flow and not put your peephole directly in the center of the door. If the lighting or view on your porch is better at a certain angle, feel free to place the peephole wherever you'll get the clearest view. You also want to make sure you place the peephole high enough, but not too high for your kids. See the article for detailed instructions, in words and pictures, for the execution phase.

Tips to Keep Burglars from Targeting Your House
This is from the site The Top Tens, which is Top Ten Lists on everything from rock bands to insults to nail polishes. The goal of this information is to help your set things up so that burglars simply avoid your house all together. Make it look like you're home. So if you're away, remove as many signals as possible, such as stop deliveries or make sure neighbors take care of them. Keep things well lit, as it's estimated that 90 percent of all intruders choose not to enter well lit residences. User high wattage bulbs and install motion sensor lights. And don't forget about unattached property, such as a storage shed or separated garage. Keep things locked. This sounds obvious, but nearly half of all burglaries are no force entries, or crimes of opportunity, such as an open window or unlocked door. Keep your vehicles locked up as well. Finally, advertise that your home has a security system with a sign and posting stickers. If your home has a home security system, then flaunt it. And if doesn't, then lie.

22 Home Security Tips and Why They Are Effective
This PDF document at TownOfWoodway.com contains 22 home security tips by Marc MacYoung of NoNonsenseSelfDefense.com. The article also includes the reasons why these recommendations are effective. Many of the tips included seem to be unusual but work well. One of them is that homeowners should think like a thief so they can check for any loopholes in the security measures. MacYoung also suggests leaving a TV or stereo on while no one is at home can also make thieves think there is still someone inside. He also recommends homeowner to etch their names on their appliances to prove that they own those items.


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