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Floors on has about 40 presentations—photos with captions—pertaining to floors. Here are some of the how-to topics: fix scratches in hardwood floors, stain and seal hardwood floors, fix loose ceramic floor tiles, fix damaged pile carpet, repair vinyl sheet flooring, replace broken ceramic tile, measuring to buy ceramic floor tiles, get a room ready for floor tile, get wood floors ready for sanding, replace vinyl floor tiles, find replacement ceramic and clay tiles, clean mildew from concrete, clean mildew from concrete, measuring to buy resilient floor tiles, calculating the amount of carpet you need, a DIY flooring calculator, a calculating the amount of carpet, vinyl floor, or ceramic tile you need, paint wood floor, should you hire a pro to sand hardwood floors, refinish a hardwood floor, replace damaged areas of hardwood flooring, repair stains, nicks and scratches in hardware floors, lay out a ceramic tile floor, install a ceramic tile floor, tips for laying carpet, clean and deodorize your carpet, remove old tile flooring, lay laminate flooring, fix curling vinyl tile, fix gouged, cut or scratched sheet vinyl, level slanted floors, and how to install a screw jack to level your floor. And several presentations show you how to fix a squeaky floor, that is: carpeted, caused by gaps between the subfloor and joist, caused by gaps between the subfloor and the finished floor, and how to fix a squeaky floor with a metal cleat.

Braided Rugs
Marge's Braided Rugs is an excellent commercial site to learn all about braided rugs. Marge custom makes every rug she sells, so no two are alike, doing it the old fashioned way, completely by hand. Designing a braided rug is an art form, and she makes some of her most popular rug patterns available on the site. Each pattern has two parts. Part one gives the number of feet of strand for each color in the rung and the number of yards of material needed for that color. The material needed is based on 60" wide yardage using her 4" wide strand method. An additional 10 percent has been added to allow for different tension in braiding and lacing by different braiders. Each pattern contains information for three different sized rugs. The second part of the pattern shows the colors for the 3 braid strands in each row. Available for purchase on the site is a set of two DVDs created by Marge on how to make a braided rug. At the end of the videos, you should have made a braided rug, and once you've mastered the content, you should be able to make any size, style or color of any oval or round braided rug.
If you're in the market for an area rug there are several things you should know, and this website is filled with helpful hints and tips. The site aims to help you learn all you need to know to make an educated decision in buying your next area rug. You'll learn how to tell a machine-made from a handmade rug, understand rug durability, and get ideas for planning your room and caring for your rug. An authethnic hand made area rug can tie a room together and enhance the beauty of a space more securly than any other design element. Begin by determining what size of area rug you need. Small area rugs and scatter rugs can be used to cover small areas, say around a table or bed or before a hearth, or a larger area rug can be used to cover virtually an entire floor. In the living room an area rug can be used under the coffee table and before the sofa. Always make certain that all chairs and guest's feet will be firmly on top of any area rug. If an area rug is to cover an entire hard wood floor, make certain that approximately 8 inches of wood are left explosed all around the room. In the dining room the area rug needs to be large enough that when chairs are pulled back from the table all four legs remain on the rug. Dark and busy patterns are preferable for stairway rugs. Dense patterns and a durable wool pile are best fopr entrances and hallways. Learn the types and color of furnishings that go with different types, colors and patterns of area rugs, rug runners, oval rugs and round rugs. There are also helpful hints and tips on the best use of multiple area rugs.

Navajo Rug Cleaning and Restoration
Antique and modern Navajo rug cleaning and restoration is provided including speciality oxygenating hand washing of Navajo rugs, cold water wash and gentle hand scrubbing to preserve wool texture and color, mordants and dye setting, moth proofing chemical utilization, air drying, rug de-bleeding pet stain removal, and rug restoration. Specialized Navajo rug cleaning chemicals and enzymes get rugs their cleanest.

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