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The Truth About Passive Income Real Estate Investing
My Stock Market Basics discusses passive real estate investing, which offers many benefits but none of the usual responsibilities of direct property ownership. This article is one of a series that looks at many different types of passive income sources, some promising and some already busted. Passive income involves a process which promises regular income with little effort. As a passive earner, you get paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis without in any kind of active roles. As real estate investments offer a tangible, steady source of potential income for the long term, this article looks at the opportunities for passive income in real estate investments.

An Insider's Perspective on Miami's Real-Estate Market
Miami Herald in this article reveals the sentiments of the Miamiís red-hot real estate market. In a survey conducted in association with Bendixen & Amandi International, the leading newspaper says that unlike 2015, luxury real estate market in 2016 is dominated by local buyers. Traditionally, investors from China and Europe were investing heavily into Miamiís luxury real estate market. However, changing climate and tepid returns seems to have dampened the spirits of these off-shore investors considerably. Only around 33 percent buyers this year were from overseas while the remaining 66 percent were domestic investors and buyers or luxury real estate in Miami.

The Value of Hotel Room Investments
This article on Tranio makes a realistic assessment of hotel room investments. Buying hotel rooms has a lot of advantages. Investors do not need very high capital, the hotel rooms promise high ROI, no management headache, and no risk for the investor. It is better to buy a hotel room with an established brand as such rooms provide high returns with the minimum effort on the part of the investor. The rate of return is usually 4 percent at a fixed rate and 6 percent to 10 percent at a variable rate. These hotel rooms can also be booked for personal use by the investor. The contract between the investor and the hotel management usually ensures a fixed period of use by the investor every year. This type of investment, while good for diversified portfolio, involves some complications in case of foreign investors. Read the article to find out about foreign investments in hotel rooms.

Benefits of Investing with a Real Estate Syndicate
Ever wondered why some of the best real estate investors stick to working with real estate syndicates? POE Companies explains that in this article. By adhering to this approach, you get the opportunity to work jointly with a group of experienced real estate investors. And, if you have always dreamt of investing in bigger properties, then this approach seems to work wonders for you. With expert management scheme, you know you can be fairly accurate as long as earning profits from capital investments or rental income is concerned. Moreover, if you wish to improve your property returns through leverage, then all you need to do is sign up with a real estate group of investors. So, whether you want to obtain tax advantages, keep yourself away from everyday real estate management chores or liability, make sure to join a real estate syndicate soon.

Spanish House Prices Rising, and Foreigners Are Buying
Global Property Guide educates its readers about the rise in the price of Spanish residential properties in this article. The statistical data over the year is a clear indication that the housing market in Spain is recovering. And, with this rise in prices, Spain never fails to welcome international real estate investors. The Bank of Spain reports stronger house price rises and this inflation was chiefly driven by overseas real estate investors. As of now, Britons rules the foreign homebuyers list in Spain followed by the French, Germans, and Swedish buyers. The increase in percentage is expected to increase by 5%, thereby adding to the wealth of the economy.

How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate with REITs
This U.S. News & World Report blog discusses the novel approach of investing in commercial real estate units through REITs. To make it easy for average real estate investors to have a slice of an office building, a local shopping center, a warehouse, or even an apartment complex, an investment vehicle known as the real estate investment trust or REIT was created. By investing trough REIT, the commercial real estate investors can participate in the joint ownership of commercial properties but they do not have to handle any of the daily management responsibilities. While the Internet has made it transparent for REIT investors to track and manage their commercial RE investments, these transactions are relatively more complex and more expensive than residential property transactions.

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