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Moms' Advice on Organizing a Home Office
This blog post by Sarah Brooks at SheKnows.com mentions two mommy bloggers McKenzie Guymon and Jennifer "Jen" Jones. Both moms have shared their own home office organization tips, along with photos of their office area on their respective homes. McKenzie gives some suggestions on how to create an inspiring home office. She also suggested using clipboards, chalkboards, and whiteboards as useful items to make things easier to see. On the other hand, Jen shares her recommendations on how to simplify spaces, including minimizing the use of paper. She also advises every home office user to have an in-and-out box and to use a planner.

Have Bulk Mail Software? Partner with the USPS for Your Mass Mailing Needs
The United States Postal Service offers specialized services to companies involved in direct mail campaigns. Get information about how Network Distribution Centers (NDCs), formerly known as Bulk Mail Centers (but since re-engineered into a new system) can help to distribute periodicals, standard mail items, parcels and printed or recorded materials at preferred rates. The USPS is ready to help customers by providing a guide to mail services for businesses, as well as an online Resource Center with facts about shipping systems, acceptance schedules and consolidators. For professional.

Do You Really Need Car Rental Insurance?
Making a decision about whether to buy insurance for an auto rental is only part of the equation for drivers. A person who has considered his or her options and has decided to buy the coverage needs to decide what type of protection is right for his or her needs. This informative article also explains the coverage options available for rental cars, including collision damage waiver, loss damage waiver, supplemental liability insurance, personal accident insurance and personal effects coverage.

Epinions Offers Tips on Choosing the Best Auto Body Shop
Epinions takes the traditional word of mouth approach to sharing information about a service and modernizes it by bringing the process online. Site visitors can find out about different auto body shops by clicking onto reviews posted by members. Since unhappy customers are more likely to share their experiences online, unfavorable opinions should be considered with that fact in mind.

30 Simple Tips & Tricks on Home Office Organization
This long list of Home Office Organization Tips was written by Peggy Pardo at DecoratingFiles.com. First, Peggy emphasized that an office at home doesn't really need a big space, as long as it is comfortable and has everything the user needs. Among her suggestions include designating specific areas; having a good chair; taking advantage of the vertical space; creating a filing system; and making sure that cables and wires are not tangled. She also gave some examples of household items that can be converted into bins and containers for office supplies. This includes a used dish drainer and an ordinary dresser drawer.


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