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How to Choose the Proper Lighting for Every Part of the House
This article at has useful tips on how to provide the right lighting in the six major areas in a house. The first area mentioned covers the foyer, hallways, and stairways. There are also separate list of suggestions for living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and even outside the house. The major factors that should be considered are how wide is the space and where the homeowner should place the lighting. Also discussed are the different types of lighting suitable for each area. For the exterior lighting, the article suggests that homeowners should be very creative when choosing decorative fixtures.

Lighting Fixtures and Lamps
Lighting website geared towards the general public, lighting sales associates, lighting showrooms and lighting show room buyers. Features index of different types of lighting fixtures including Tiffany lighting, wall sconces, pendant fixtures, puck lights, crytal and brass chandeliers, track lighting, halogen lighting, and Murano glass lighting fixtures. Section on desk lamps, Torchiere lamps, halogen lamps and juvenile lamps included, along with more information about ceiling fans, ceiling medallions, and ceiling fan installation tips. Links to information about incandescent bulbs, and halogen lighting are included. Access, task, decorative and ambient lighting are also linked.

Home Office Lighting Q&A
This article discusses home office lighting options. Evenly lit rooms may not be ideal, and instead lighting layers and lighting angles should be used. If the area around your monitor is not well-lit, there will be a contrast between the bright computer screen and the darkness of the room, which will certainly create eye strain after a while. Article cautions to beware of glare and mix up lighting colors and using lighting to enhance home décor. Halogen, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are also mentioned.

An FAQ for Picking the Right Light Bulb
In the past, buying a light bulb was as easy as going to the store that sells them, picking up a bulb, and paying for it. However, these days, one cannot just do that anymore, thanks to the introduction of energy efficient bulbs. This article, a Q&A with Natural Resources Defense Council's Center for Energy Efficiency Director Noah Horowitz serves as a guide for buying the right kind of light bulb for your needs. From this FAQ of sorts, you will understand the difference between wattage and lumens and how these two terms could influence which bulb to buy. You will also know what CFLs and LEDs are, which kind of bulb to use for certain climates, and a whole lot more.

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