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The Gardener's Network: The Information Site for Gardening
This site is truly and information source for all types of gardening. The home page features an index of suppliers, feature stories and general information. Among the links provided, you'll find recipes, dealing with pests, how to attract wild birds to your garden, and links to many other topical sites.

Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening Worldwide
This website offers resources on hydroponics and indoor gardening. This magazine offers informative articles about summer greenhouse production, factors that can influence and promote hydroponic growth, hydroponic gardening for profit and the market for hydroponics in creating aromatherapy and essential oils. Other sections include carbon dioxide equipment, ducts and vents, filters, fans, growth promoters, growing containers, hydroponic lighting, organic gardening, pest control, timers, water treatment, rooting hormones and ballasts.

The Backyard Gardener
The Backyard Gardener has been providing gardening information for many years on the web. They consider themselves the "one stop informational site", which will help people understand their gardening needs. From gardening plans to plant lists, your gardening knowledge is sure to be enhanced after to visit this site. The best part is that the gardening information is "hands on" info. Can't find what you are looking for on this site, try out their search tool. The site also offers a free newsletter and tips on how to buy a greenhouse.

Basic Grow Light Information for Indoor Gardening
This article can help growers find the best grow light for their hydroponic garden growing needs. For example, it discusses how T5 fixtures are great for all vegetative growth. And HID lighting is recommended for larger plants like vegetables and big flowering plants. It discusses how LED lighting is the newest form of horticultural lighting. A chart to help growers see how intense their lighting needs to be, as well as a list of common plants to help them determine the footcandles of grow lights is included.

The Gardener's Web Resource
Billed as a a gardener's web resource, this helpful tool contains many gardening articles. Click on the directories menu items and you'll find a great search tool that will allow you to search six different categories: plants, maintainance, features, leisure, reference and services. The site also features a humor section, Q&As, Spotlight On various topics or products, Tips & Tricks, an Exchange area for gardeners looking for certain seeds or items and Links.

Carry On Gardening
This informative site is a forum and meeting place for people who love to garden and want to carry on enjoying its benefits and rewards. You can start at the Ideas Exchange page where you can tell the site what you think, ask questions and even provide gardening answers. Click on gardening topics and you will find hundreds of ideas that will help you in all aspects of gardening. The tools section has a comprehensive list of gardening tools. Read up on the latest gardening news and check out the links section for extra resources. This useful website has received the National Information Forum's Award for "Getting the Message Across."

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