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This cleverly titled site (EmilyCompost.com) features a variety of information about gardening. This special site, dedicated to the memory of Evy McGinness, who started it, features a plant of the week and wildflowers and weeds of the week. In the FAQ, many gardening hints are provided as are answers to many gardening questions. A photography section features information on how to photograph flowers. There are interviews with famous gardeners, a garden glossary, plant search, and a whole host of tips, hints and suggestions. It is obviously that Evy took pride in her gardening and wanted to pass along her knowledge to others who shared the same passion.

Gardening Advice from the Royal Horticultural Society
Botanists, entomologists, plant pathologists, plant physiologists and soil scientists work closely with a team of experienced general horticultural advisers. Together they respond to the scientific and advisory needs of RHS members. The site contains information on a wide range of topics to help with your gardening. Learn about brown leaves on trees, camellias, popular plants, popular horticultural topics, garden design or weather conditions.

Get the Scoop on Fire Pot Placement and More
If you have just purchased your first fire pot, check out these helpful guidelines. You will find safety tips and suggestions about where to place your fire pot, as well as the proper procedure for lighting the fire pot for the first time. Firepots must be cleaned regularly to work properly, and you can find detailed instructions for doing so on the site as well.

Helpful Gardener Tips
A must-read for serious gardeners, this well-organized website delivers helpful gardening advice, tips and resources. Broken down into departments, everything from bonsai to vegetable gardening can be browsed. Each department contains featured articles and extra resources about the topic at hand.


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