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Understanding Food Labels and Health Claims
This web site says that you should have a clear understanding of how to read nutrition labels before you go to the store, in order to buy healthy foods. This site breaks down definitions of serving sizes, servings per container, total carbs, protein weight, sodium weight, saturated fat and total fat, and more. There are also tips such as checking the list of ingredients, differentiating between total fat and saturated fat, figuring out the percentage of calories from fat, paying attention to serving size and more.

Mongolian Fire Pot Recipe
If you are looking for something different and delicious to serve to guests, check out this fire pot recipe posted on the web site. Suited to groups of between four and eight people, it's full of beef and seafood, with chicken, steak and shrimp. It also includes tofu, and baby spinach, ginger and green onions. Have your guests add ingredients to the fire pot to help prepare dinner.

100 Ways to Use Noni Juice
Research already says there are many applications for noni juice. This book details more ways to use noni juice from the noni plant. It discusses how to get the most from every dose, how to determine your dosage, the effects of noni and how to evaluate your own progress with noni juice. It was written by Isa Navarre, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Arizona, and has been studying natural healing methods since 1978. She is a worldwide traveler, and has visited Tahiti with her family to experience and study Noni plants in their natural habitat.

Best Foods for Healthy Eating
If you want to maintain a healthy diet, it's important to consume the 10 foods listed in this article, according to Cooking Light. These healthy foods include broccoli, milk, beans, tomatoes, citrus fruit, sweet potatoes, garlic, soy, carrots and strawberries. A quick read to get you and your family educated about what is best. The article says that healthy eating isn't about what you can't eat, but about what you can eat.

Comparing Popular Health Drinks
With all the health drinks out there that claim to be healthy, this article explores how many of them are really useful. 7-Up Plus has low calories and carbs and some calcium and Vitamin C compared to its counterparts. So it's healthier, but not the healthiest. Vitamin Water's newest product, called Perform, claims to be a healthier alternative to sports drinks like Gatorade. Perform has added vitamin B and electrolytes, but no sodium. The article explores which drink would be better for those who want to consume healthy drinks.

Teen Dieting: The Deal with Diet?
This article, geared towards teens, says that commercial weight-loss plans typically fall into two categories: Those that drastically reduce a person's calorie intake or restrict the dieter to certain foods and those that require a person to take diet supplements. Dietary supplements are usually pills, but they sometimes include special food bars or drinks. It includes information about popular diets and offers a list of diets to avoid, which include those that: focus on quick weight loss, use laxatives or water pills, encourage wearing a skin patch, or ask teens to skip meals. But best way to lose weight, if argues, is to improve eating habits and exercise, rather than any diet.

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