Sports Training and Nutrition Resources (01)

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Michigan Association of Chiropractors
This is the official website of The Michigan Association of Chiropractors. The first part explains the education and examinations needed to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (DCs) along with their job description s as efficient health professionals. Research shows that low-back pain (LBP) is the most expensive source of workers' compensation cost in North America. The site also includes a couple of summaries of studies that indicate that chiropractic care is more effective than medical treatment when it comes to chronic pain. This includes a comprehensive LBP analysis (Manga Report) commissioned by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Resistance Band Speed Exercises
If you are an athlete, it is highly recommended that you do some resistance band speed exercises. This is because they help condition your body so you can increase your acceleration, anaerobic endurance, and power for your lower body. Four of them are the 10-yard acceleration sprint, resisted lateral shuffle, resisted broad jumps, and resisted endurance sprint. All of these drills are explained further here in the article by Stack, a multimedia company that provide information, tools, products and services to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This includes the step-by-step procedure, the number of sets and repetitions.

Increasing Endurance with Sports Energy Drinks and Other Fluids
If you are going to exercise for more than 25 minutes, according to This article, you can increase your endurance by drinking fluids. If you are going to exercise for more than 45 minutes, you can increase your endurance with sugared drinks, which provide a quick source of calories. Sugared drinks such as fruit juices, soft drinks and sports drinks can be absorbed just as rapidly as water. There is more useful information about sports drinks in this article, including a chart that compares sports drinks and other fluids for exercise in hot weather.

Yoga Digest
Optimal health, wellness, truth, and happiness: these are but some of the goals of the Yoga Digest community, a platform that inspires, educates and connects people from all walks of life as they make a change for the better. In this website, one can find loads of meaningful information and inspiration not just on the practice of yoga, but also on lifestyle and well-being. Visit the website and be enlightened with articles and podcasts dedicated to yoga, positive thinking, mindfulness, motivation, self-love, and everything else that helps create a strong mind, body, and spirit. The site also features recipes that promote nutrition and a positive relationship with food. Visitors can also find information on various yoga and wellness events.

10 Smart Snacks for Athletes
It's a common mistake for athletes to believe they can eat whatever they want, according to this page on Appetite for Health, and Nothing could be further from the truth, it says, because you will pay the price if you eat and drink non-nutritional food and beverages. Major breaks happen when athlete are carefuly minding what they eat and drink, it claims. The article offers a list of 10 great sports snacks recommended by Christine Rosenbloom, Ph.D., R.D., CSSD, a leading sports dietitian who has worked with collegiate and professional athletes for more than 20 years. It also provides explanation for why these snacks are recommended. The snacks include almonds, cereal & milk & fruit, Greek yogurt with fruit, fig or date bars, fresh fruit with low-fat cheese, low-fat chocolate milk, peanut butter sandwich, pistachios, popcorn sprinkled with parmesan cheese, and trail mix.

Sports Psychology Today
Sport psychology is the science behind the mental factors that affect performance in sports. Professional sport psychologists believe that athletes can reach peak performance and excellence by instilling mental toughness. Sport psychology also aims to decrease the bad psychological effects of poor athletic performance. Sports Psychology Today is an online mental training resource that provides athletes, parents and coaches an inexhaustible well of information. The website contains links to sport psychology articles and videos, a mental game assessment page, and a section dedicated to sports psychology schools and degrees. Sport psychologist and mental coaches can benefit from the free psychology report that can be downloaded from the website.


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